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BDMS Wellness Clinic takes the science of wellness to another level by gathering the highly developed minds and technology to identify the path to quality longevity. We believe that prevention is key to living a long, healthy and fulfilling life.

Results are interpreted by neuroscientists, regenerative medicine experts, cardiologists, gastrointestinal specialists and sports physicians to develop personalized health optimization programs.

Customized care plans are developed based on the comprehensive data collected each guest and compounding pharmacists make necessary supplements onsite as needed. Referrals to relevant in-house clinic ensure the onward guest journey through the various clinics is seamless, an assistance is provided at every step of the way.

Weight Management Program
BDMS Wellness Clinic Check-up program
Genetic Analysis
Telomere Length
NK Cells
Food Intolerance Test (IgG4 Test)
Micronutrient Management
Royal Compounding Pharmacy
Aesthetic Medicine